Keeping a steady workout routine is always good, but doing the same old same old can be both boring and eventually be bad for your workout. If you don't mix things up then you will get less motivated, which can easily lead to not working as hard. 

There are endless options to get moving and get in shape, and no that does mean you'll have to pay 30 bucks once a week. Whether it's the hundreds of different workouts you can find on Pinterest or going to classes (but this can be sad for the piggy bank). A couple of months ago my mum and I decided to try something we have never tried before. I've dabbled in Zumba a little before but never really got into it and I never wanted to pay for those classes. Lucky for me, during my winter break at home, Costco was selling this Zumba kit, filled with classes and exercises for the main target spots. I still haven't gotten through all the DVD's because I am completely obsessed with the "Super Cardio Dance Party". It really is a dance party and before you know it an hour has passed and you've gotten a killer workout. 

"Super Cario Dance Party" is not only a cardio workout it also targets your abs and is killer for slimming those arms. Above all it is a completely riot! Sweating has never been so much fun! The combination of fun, upbeat music, dancing around and eventually laughing at yourself for how silly you can imagine you look. Now, whats better than music, dance, fun and laughter?

All you need is a TV & a DVD player (or just a computer) plus a little bit of space and you are ready to work out. You might hit a wall of jello leg syndrome but thats just the wonderful feeling of kicking some cardio butt. The best part is you can just do it when you want to mix things up. Trust me, though, you are gonna get completely hooked and want to jump up on your feet and get dancing. It can get me up from binge watching Netflix, yes, that's how powerful it is. :)

XO Cam