As the weather gets warmer and the flowers begin to bloom, the academic year comes to an end depending on where you are in the world. Which also means… finals aka stress on stress on stress on stress. If you deal with getting overwhelmed and stressed really quickly then we can relate. So how do you survive? How do you survive the work, the reading, the writing, the studying and the millions of flashcards that seem to pop up around your room? Well before you freak out about that list that I just presented and realized all the stuff you need to do, stop. Stop because the way to help this finals induced stress and anxiety is super simple. It only takes two steps. Breathe and organize.

     Start with breathing. By breathing I mean take a step back and clear your mind, sometimes I find that physically getting up (from your desk, bed, office, etc) and step back, closing my eyes and clear your head.  Close your eyes and just breathe in through your nose then breathe out through your mouth. If you are super stressed (and alone) you can breathe out as hard and loud as you desire, in order to really get all that stress out. This is the quick and easy thing you can do if you are limited on time and have to get back to work. But, if you have some time pull out that yoga mat (or just use the floor or carpet) and do some flow yoga or meditation. 

    Once you feel like you have gotten a hold on your mind and body you can get back to business. If you have a bunch of work that has pilled up whether it's school work, office work or just catching up on all the other stuff the best thing to do it organize, organize, organize. Go pen to paper and make a list of everything you need to accomplish today. Then if you like to plan ahead make a list for tomorrow or for the end of the week. Visually seeing everything that you have to do will give you the ability to take control and figure out a way to manage your time accordingly. The best part is when you finish an assignment you get to cross it off the list and watch as you make progress crossing everything off. Then suddenly, before you know it, everything on that list will be crossed off. 

    Those are just two main impactful things I would suggest that I myself use in order to stay zen. There are plenty of little thing you can do to help too. You can make some warm soothing tea, take mini breaks, munch on some snack or even listen to some quiet music in the background. I addressed this specifically towards finals stress, only because I am personally dealing with it now, but this concerns all stressful situations. It doesn’t matter if you are stressed about academic, work, physical or emotional situations they can all be managed with these tips. 

     Remember to love your body and listen to it. If you need sleep, sleep. If your hungry, eat. If your dehydrated, drink. Provide your body with proper nutrition and care, this way you will be unstoppable. Keep up the hard work!

P.s if you want to understand stress on a deeper level click this link from The American Institute of Stress: