I have an addiction to green tea and I drink at least one cup a day, usually three. Tea truly is like magic, it does wonders for your mind and body. It's great for stress and relaxing every inch of you. While some teas do this for you others are wonderful energy boosters. Specifically, and my personal favorite, green tea is an amazing, naturally energy booster. Which is why I like to start my day off with a warm cup of green tea every morning. Green tea has a bunch of health benefits that can have a major impact both short and long term. And who doesn't want to like a long healthy life? 

Researchers continue to find more benefits but below are 18 of the major health benefits that I think deserve to be shared! 

  1. Weight lost
  2. Fresh breath
  3. Reduce cholesterol 
  4. Healthy and clear skin
  5. Helps control allegies 
  6. Healthy hair
  7. Healthy and clear skin (most teas are great for this &a lemon water :)
  8. Shinnier and strong nails
  9. Helps blood pressure 
  10. Helps prevent arthritis
  11. Helps prevent skin cancer
  12. Increase immunity
  13. Helps with asthma 
  14. Healthy liver
  15. Helps osteoporosis 
  16. Cures commen stomach ailments (food poisoning, stomach infections, etc.)
  17. Natural sunscreen (always wear sunscreen as well though)
  18. Helps protect and nurture the brain 

If there is one thing you should give your body every day, without fail, it should be a nice hot or ice cold cup of green tea. It truly does wonders for the mind and body.