December 12th: Æbelskiver


On the never ending topic of Christmas delights," æbelskiver" most definitly need a dedicated post. Translated, æbelskiver means apple slices. Lets be honest, that doesn’t exactly sound like one of those delicious Christmas goodies that you look forward too all year but don’t be fooled… These babies are like little round pancakes that you dip in jam and powdered sugar (or Nutella if your feeling really dangerous). Yes that’s right, baby round pancakes. SO GOOD! As a child this was something straight out of heaven and for most children today I'm sure the same applies. That’s the beauty of Christmas, it can take you back to your favorite childhood memories. You can be a kid again for 24 nonstop days if you want too. I know I act like a total child during this period even though it's a critical point in the semester (exams should never ever be placed in December).


Mama has always made these from scratch so buying them in a plastic bag just seems wrong. Like it's just a big no. If you are going to indulge in these beautiful creations it needs to be done right. But I know I know, everything is so busy and who has the time, yada yada. But it is Saturday today, so maybe you can find just two hours to make some æbelskiver and devour them, maybe while watching one of the "julefilm" from yesterdays post. :) 

If you want to give it a shot I will add mama's recipe below, you won't be disappointed.  (On its way!)

Happy December 12 and happy goodie devouring!

With love, Camille

Æbelskiver & Gløgg

Æbelskiver & Gløgg