December 7th: Craft Day

Oh my goodness, this day is just so much fun. Now there is not an official craft day, even though I totally think there should be. But it is something that you can make a special part of your Christmas with your family and friends. Set time aside one day to just listen to Christmas music, eat Christmas cookies, drink hot coco and get crafty. My mom has always been an incredibly crafty mom, so growing up my brother and I often got "crafty" presents and we were always encouraged to draw, paint, color, cut, paste, anything crafty that got us away from our every absorbing technology. To this day I am still drawing, or doodling I should probably say. It's a great way to release any tension or stress and just come back down to Earth. We are constantly running around like crazy people, trying to accomplish all of the things we have going on. Now, while that must be done it is also really important to allow yourself to calm down and relax. But, back to my point.

There are so many different things you can do during your craft day. You can make snowflakes and hang them in your window, you can make Christmas ornaments or maybe Christmas cards for you loved ones, there are endless options, from cute to chic. All depending on what you are looking for.

 Pinterest is a place you can go to for inspiration because there are just endless posts with all sorts of ideas. You can check out Sea Salt and Poms's Pinterest for lots of Christmas goodies, there is an icon at the bottom that will take you there. :)

During the month of November I decided to buy some cute paper for making Christmas stars. Now I have either never made these before, otherwise I definitely cannot remember, and it showed in my attempt… It didn’t exactly go as I had hoped. I tried on my own at first with the instructions I had, didn’t work out. I tried FaceTiming my mom and she really tried to explain it to me as well as she could but it just didn’t work. So I decided to give it a little break and the try again later. During my next attempted I decided to search for Google videos, I got somewhere but in the end, it didn’t work out. I am no crafting genie, clearly, so I decided I would wait until I was back with mama and grandma so we could all craft together.

I am much better at cutting snowflakes or making Christmas cards. But I'm even better at just eating the cookies and drinking the hot coco during these Christmas events :P.

Overall, just spending time with family and friends is such a wonderful thing during this time of year, especially when miracles such as improving my crafting skills happen. :)

Happy December 7th!

Don't forget to check back in tomorrow!

Love Camille

The magical moment I finished my first Christmas Star 2 years ago!

The magical moment I finished my first Christmas Star 2 years ago!