December 4th: Random Acts of Kindness 

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During this wonderful time of year there is something in the air. The feeling of Christmas has the ability to change even the grumpiest of Grinches. Overall people just seem happier. People are walking through the streets with smiles on there faces and a twinkle in their eye. Yes there are twinkles, I've seen them!

Whether it's the Christmas tea or Christmas coffee, twinkle lights or baking aroma, there's just something about Christmas. Taking a walk through the streets of Aarhus with the jingles of Christmas ringing in my ears, my entire mood transforms. I can go from feeling run down, tired, and upset to walking around smiling like some crazy person (which I'm sure people have thought as we pass each other). But I simply can't help it and I don't think I'm the only one. People are just happy. No mater how hard times are, or how scary the world seems, there is something that can bring out happiness in the saddest of people.

As much as this time of year is about wishing and dreaming , it is also about giving. Whether it's giving to your loved ones, giving a little extra to your favorite charity or simply spreading cheer through random acts of kindness. Random acts of kindness to your loved ones, peers, neighbors or even strangers. These little acts can mean the world to someone and it can be as simple as smiling to those who you pass on the street or helping someone with the door. It can be anything. Everything counts, no matter how big or small.

Be grateful for the life you live and give to those who are less fortunate than you. Everyone deserves happiness and your tiny little act can help others get a step closer to that.

Happy December 4th!

Don't forget to check back in tomorrow!

Love Camille