December 3rd: "Julekalender" 

Continuing the current theme of calendars and countdowns, todays post is about the Christmas television show that airs every evening during the month of December leading up to Christmas Eve. Every year a different show airs, repetition doesn’t happen often because they often create a new show for each year (but they tend to show one or two of the old ones as well). This tradition began in 1962 with "Historier Fra Hele Verden" (Stories From The Whole World) and has since continued to bring families together on the couch every night during those chilly December evenings.

My generation grew up with "Pyrus", "Jesus & Josefine" and "Jul I Valhal" (my personal favorite). These are at least the ones that I remember distinctly, possibly because we've seen each of them at least twice (and we aren't stopping there) :). Now personally I don’t think these new ones they are creating are half as good as the "classics". You just can't beat these three I mentioned earlier - makes me feel like a little girl again just thinking about it.

I love this tradition because I think snuggling up on the couch with your family and following along with the story that is told, really puts you in the Christmas mood but also helps to bring everyone together. It wasn't every day that we were able to find time to watch it but then we would just binge watch a couple of episodes when we were all collected again. Gotta love binge watching, especially Christmas movies/TV shows :) 

Happy December 3rd!

Don't forget to check back in tomorrow for the next Christmas Calendar Countdown to be posted!

Love Camille