December 23: The Day Before Christmas

So for today, I was missing something to write about and to share with you. I was hoping that something would come up or we would do something that could inspire me. We did plenty and I was plenty inspired but it was associated to topics that I have already written about. So I have been quite stuck today on what I could possible post about.

Then I decided that is was obvious. It's the day before Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve Eve if you will. Which is really a day of prepping for the big day. Even though you have been prepping for the entire month of December or maybe also November if you are really ahead of the game.

 Now remember, we Danes celebrate Christmas the evening of the 24th so this evening and all of tomorrow may not mean much to Americans, for example, but they mean a whole lot to us Vikings. I lot of what happens today, the 23rd, is a lot of getting ready. Finishing some last minute wrapping and prepping some of the food for tomorrow's big dinner. And then a lot of today is just hygge. Specifically for my family, we are going to gather together with my cousin and his fiancé and eat some delicious æbleskiver. Oh yes, mama's homemade æbleskiver, gløgg and family. A wonderful Christmas combo. And maybe even little skipper will get a bit or two of the fluffy mini pancakes. And then tonight will consist of a Christmas movie or board games and lots and lots of hygge! 


On another note, it was 64 degrees here today and tomorrow it's suppose to be 73... Aka it's warmer here on the East Coast than it is on the West Coast. Doesn't exactly feel like Christmas and today while driving in the car I actually got a little upset about it. I mentions this to my dad, simply just blurting out that it didn't feel christmas as we drove in silence on the highway. Even though we had just picked up the last of our christmas things and we were even listening to Christmas music, something just felt off. And then in addition to that comment I added that Christmas is over after tomorrow night, which just seemed so sad. All this joy and prepping and excitement was all going to be over in 48 hours. That's when my dad made a wonderful comment that completely changed my perspective. 

Christmas isn't over, it's just getting started. Many schools and many hard working people just finished today, so their vacation and their christmas just starts now. And Christmas doesn't really start until tomorrow, then there's all day tomorrow and the days that follow with hygge and fun. Obviously, this was exactly what I needed to hear. So if you're like me and dreading the end of this joyful time then remember that the fun is only just beguinning. With that being said though, make sure to embrace every moment of it like a big warm Christmas hug. Which is something that I have mentioned many times before. But it is something that sometimes needs emphasizing. This holiday is about Christmas cookies, music, movies and giving and such but really it's about love and family. It's about giving love, giving to those you love in show of appreciation for who they are and what they mean to you. This Christmas, don't just give a gift, give the gift of being present and not missing one second of it. 

Spread the love and cheer. Give an extra hug or kiss to your loved ones. And remember that Christmas only comes once a year but the memories last a life time. 

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! 

With love, Camille