December 20th: New York at Christmas

**This post is from two years ago when I was in Mystic for Christmas. I just had to share it again because New York during Christmas time is absolutely magical! I hope you'll enjoy this little sneak peak into how we get Christmasy in New York, and hopefully inspire you to take a trip at some point as well! :) I promise, it'll be the most magical Christmas trip you will ever take!

Good evening from New York City!! Today's post is being posted at night because today's post focuses on this beautiful city during Christmas time. New York can take your breathe away and during Christmas time, you'll be left speechless. Because pictures are worth a thousand words, I decided to make a post of more pictures rather than descriptions. 

We've made it a tradition in my family to go to New York every year during Christmas and every year it just gets better and better. We pretty much do the same thing every single time but it never seems to get boring. There are some essentials that must be checked off the list before we can leave. The main highlight of these essentials is the lights. The lights that light up the dark streets after 5, the lights that twinkle in everyone's gazing eyes, the lights that light up the glorious Rockefeller Christmas Tree. It's total chaos to go see the tree, there are people everywhere pushing I'm a desperate attempted to get closer to the tree. Now as irritating as this sometimes can get its almost a part of the charm. The Christmas tree wouldn't be the Christmas tree if no one was there and no one cared. So just embrace it. Embrace all the pushy people hitting you in the head with their selfie sticks trying to get that perfect selfie.

This year we added something new to our list of must dos while we were here, and that was going to see Radio City's Christmas Spectacular. We were blown away. It was amazing but it didn't leave you speechless. It left you completely raving about it and basically unable to stop. I don't want to go into details simply because it is one of those things you need to see for yourself. But definitely highly recommended especially if you have kids. But then again, it's something everyone can enjoy without a doubt.

Another thing that is absolutely spectacular are the windows. The windows of Fifth Ave seem to get more beautiful, more elaborate and more intrinsic with every year that goes by. Even though every year you think, no it can't possibly get better than this. And yet somehow, someway it does. 

Happy day and happy countdown to Christmas! 

With love, Camille