December 19: Decorate the Tree 

This tradition is one that is very close to my heart. It's that tradition that you remember so clearly even from when you were just a child. At least for me, this has always been a very special moment that I always look forward too. Whether it's the process of decorating the tree or watching as it sparkles when you light it up. But it all starts with finding the perfect tree. 

The street that we live on becomes quite magical when the holidays come along. Every house is lit up in some way. Whether it’s the twinkle lights outlining their homes or it’s the sparkling Christmas tree sitting in the window for all to see.

If you're going to keep your Christmas very traditional, and Danish, you wouldn’t decorate until the 23rd or 24th. Personally I think that is crazy. Why would you want such a beautiful thing to only be up for 24 or 48 hours and then bring it down again? Why not enjoy it all of December or maybe even a little bit of November, if you're crazy like me. It just makes everything so homey and Christmas-y why wouldn’t you want to embrace that as soon as possible.

I was devastated my first year living in Denmark, when I realised that I would not be home in order to decorate our tree. Sure, I had decorated my little tree in the apartment but that is not the same as our family tree. I know I know, I moved out, I flew the nest, I need to grow up and not care about such little details. But I do. I do because these traditions and especially my family mean so much to me. They always have and they always will.

Lucky for me, my family totally rocks. My mother specifically knowing how much it means to me decided that we will wait to put up the Christmas tree until I got home. Am I spoiled by my wonderful family or what?

Feeling very nostalgic and like a little girl again hanging up all our old decorations from Christmas past. :)

It a wonderful day for hygge and Christmas fun, especially some fun because it also just so happens that it is my little (not so little) baby (not so baby) brothers birthday today! Christmas and birthday fun?! Talk about a great way to start the Christmas holiday!

Happy day loves and have a wonderful December 19th!

With love, Camille