December 17th: Julefrokost 


A julefrokost is a Christmas lunch. It's just an entire afternoon spent eating, drinking, chatting, laughing, sometimes dancing depending on how hard the snaps hits. This is always such a blast! It's all traditional Danish food that is served, even when we invite the American friends over. It's quite interesting to see what they will try to eat and what they simply refuse not too. Some Christmas parties are "exclusive" aka don’t allow children, which I just think is silly, kids are filled with so much joy during Christmas, why wouldn’t you want them there?

A family julefrokost is about a nice balance of eating and drinking. That is not the case with a university julefrokost. That's a nice balance of Christmas beer, shots and wine… For some it's a mess for others it was a blast! :) I have a personal preference for the "have a blast group".

But back to the julefrokost, I mean there's not much too it except for a ridiculous amount of food, good cheer and plenty of laughter. Every year it seems to go from casual light conversation to laughter to deep political conversations and then back to laughter. It really is hilarious. And it is just overall a great tradition to have. A Saturday that you get together with your family or friends or a nice little combo of both and just enjoy each others company. You get an opportunity to catch up on the year, laugh, eat, drink and be merry. The kids will run around doing their own thing, play hide n seek or Xbox. The adults, well they just eat, drink and talk and talk and talk. But then, when it's time for the next round of food everyone comes back together to the table. Sometimes we play games such as "pakke lige" or tell stories, but most of the time we all just sit and chit chat with one another.

Some of the foods we consume during this longest lunch you'll ever attend are:

  • "Leverpostej" (liver patay)
  • Tarteletter (I have no idea how to translate this but give Google a shot!)
  • Sild (herring)
  • Shrimp
  • Lots of yummy rye bread
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Risalamande
  • Røbeder (fermented beets)
  •  Laks (salmon)
  • Fiskefilet (fish)
  • Medisterpølse (sausage of some kind...)

Just so many different varieties of food but it can all really vary from julefrokost to julefrokost. :) 

Have a wonderful day and be merry! 

With love, Camille