December 15: Nisser

Nisser, they are everywhere, all day every day during the holiday celebrations. Nisser are what you would consider elves but it's also not exactly the same. Nisser are incredibly incorporated into so many different aspects of a Danish Christmas. They eat your leftover risengrød in your loft, they bring you your gifts in your pakke kalender, they help Santa, and that's just the "physical" things. Nisser are on your windows, on your coffee cups, on your wrapping paper, on your kalenderlys, absolutely everywhere. Sometimes they even hide and hang in secret little spots around the house. My grandmother is an example of a nisse fanatic, she has nisser everywhere. Their home have little (and big) nisser hiding around every corner. 

There are even "julekalender" shows dedicated to nisser. "Pyrus" for example is one julekalender that is about three nisser living their lives interacting with humans. The nisser are really like the children of Christmas. Or more so, the children are all little nisser running around spreading love with their adorable giggly laughter. 

It's really just another one of those classical Christmas traditions. Nisser just have to be everywhere because they have been for years. At "Den Gamle By" we looked at old stamps, song books and cut outs that were all raving with nisser. So if you don't have some kind of nisse decoration in your home you should get one immediately! :) 

That's all for today! Don't forget to check back in tomorrow for something new! 

With love, Camille