December 22: Marcipankonfekt 

Ah good morning and happy 2 days till Christmas! 2 DAYS! When did that happen? December if simply flying by far too quickly. So remember to embrace and love every second of the holiday cheer that is being spread for all to hear!

Today I wanted to share another holiday tradition that is perfect in the sense that it incorporates lots of aspects of the holidays. It calls for "hygge", time spent with family or friends, delicious treats, Christmas music and smiles all around. This wonderful "activity" is making "marcipankonfekt". I'm not entirely sure how to translate this, konfektion is what I find on Google but it doesn't really do it any favors. So I'll go ahead and explain it instead. Konfekt can technically be a lot of different types of treats but specifically for this time of year a lot of marcipankonfekt is made and eaten. Which is making delicious little treats using simple ingredients. The main ingredients used, at least in my family, are marcipan, nougat, cocoa, melted chocolate and maybe some almonds or other little additions. 


This is another one of the treats that fall under the same category of pebbernødder, it's a must. Even as kids, when my brother and I didn't even like marcipan, we would still participate in making it even though we would barely try it. It's one of those moments during December where you gather around the kitchen counter with all your ingredients ready to go, aprons on, chocolate melted, Christmas music slowly playing the background and ready to get down and dirty. Aka cocoa absolutely everywhere, chocolate dripping from your finger tips and your entire hand covered in marcipan. 

What's fun about this is that you can either be creative or traditional or maybe a mix of both. If you are going to stay totally original, according to my dad you take two pieces of marcipan (preferable in triangle form) and put some nougat in between. Make a little nougat marcipan sandwich, if you may. Now if you are 7 or 8 (or maybe 19) that is just way to boring. When playing with your food one must have some fun :). So we, being my brother and I, would make all sorts of ridiculous things. Sometimes animal figures start to be formed... It's a complete mess but it's our wonderful, Christmas mess. 

Now you don't need to go as far as to try and make reindeer marcipankonfekts but do have fun with it. Dip that original marcipan into some delicious, smooth dark chocolate and top it with an almond. Or maybe simply make a marcipan ball, dip it in chocolate, coat it with cocoa and finely chopped hazelnuts. Talk about heaven. Will definitely be making those this year. 

But once again I finish this post with the hope that you'll gather together your family and/or friends and have some fun. Enjoy each others company and play with your food. Christmas only comes once a year, so let loose and be the little kid that is hiding inside of your busy bee working body everyday. And most importantly eat a little marcipans along the way, dont just save them all for later. :) 

Happy December 22nd!

With love, Camille