December 14th: Gløgg

Gløgg is another must have during the Christmas celebrations. Whether you're at a Christmas market, a Christmas lunch or party, or maybe eating æbelskiver, gløgg will almost most definitely be there. Gløgg is mulled wine. It's essentially red wine with raisins and mulling spices. Usually served hot but can also be served cold, hot is clearly better during these chilly days. You can get gløgg both with alcohol or alcohol free.

This was my first year really giving gløgg a real chance. When I was younger is usually went over to the pot simmering with gløgg, give is a smell and say no thank you. What actually encouraged me to try it this year was my aunt mentioning how good the alcohol free gløgg was. So one day, while my dad was in DK, we bought æbelskiver and this alcohol free gløgg and had some family and friends join us. I would also like to point out that this was in November... Never too early ;). But back to the gløgg; it tasted great! I was utterly surprised and couldn't believe what I had been missing. Then earlier this week when grandma, mom and I went to "Den Gamle By", we had gløgg with our æbelskiver. This was not alcohol free and boyyy can you taste the difference. I had some slight difficulty drinking it, just because I was so disappointed that it did not taste as good as the alcohol free one!  

As I sat sipping slowly, very slowly... on my gløgg I realized the sad, inevitable truth of why the tastes were so incomparable. The alcohol free one, had to be loaded with sugar... Surprise, surprise. I wasn't entirely sure how true this statement is, but it seems very likely due to how it was much sweeter than the original gløgg. 

So, of course the weirdo that I am, I took it upon myself to research this and see if gløgg really is bad for you. Turns out, all the online recipes for alcohol free gløgg do not have added sugar! Woohoo! All of the sweetness comes from the fruits that are used for flavoring. Aka a Christmas treat that isn't bad for you! Now you may be thinking, "well screw the alcohol free one, who wants that anyways? What about the original gløgg?". Well, fear not, for I only have good news. Well kinda good news...? It all depends on perspective. Many say that a glass of red wine a day will help you live longer and that it's good for your heart. Well considering gløgg is pretty much nothing but red wine and spices I would consider a cup of gløgg the same as a glass of wine. So enjoy a cup or even two as you please, just don't drink the whole pot in a sitting. :) 

Happy drinking & happy December 14th! 

With love, Camille