December 9: Advent 

Today is the second sunday of Advent... That almost makes it feel like Christmas is right around the corner! Which I guess in someways you could say it is, there's less than two weeks. These next two weeks we all need to amp up the Christmas cheer. Cherish every day just a little bit more than you did yesterday, appreciate every moment you get to spend with your family and eat some freaking Christmas goodies! 

The four Sunday's before Christmas are the Sunday's of Advent. This can mean a lot of different things different people but I think to think of it as the designated "hygge" day of the week, during December. It's a time for relaxing, enjoying your favorite activities, baking Christmas cookies, finishing some Christmas shopping or maybe just hanging out in the living room wrapping presents, watching movies or playing board games. If of course it's possible to gather the family all together in one room at the same time. :) Or maybe you'll go to church. If there is one time of year you should go to church, this time of year seems to be a pretty good time. 

For the little child in you, the Sunday's of advent were also the best because the "julekalender" gift is just a little bit more special on these Sunday's. Come on. Can you blame me for getting excited about this?? 

I will be spending my Sunday will not so much jule hygge but more exam studies. With that said, there will of course be some Christmas fun because there needs to be a little holiday fun in every day of December. Maybe a little trip to another one of Århus's Christmas markets that are going on around town this month. It's always such a great way to get out of the house, get some fresh air and see all the fun crafts that people create, as well as some delicious food. For me specifically, it will be it will be a big bowl of bygotto from "Grød" because 'Grød" is in town for the weekend! That sounds like my kind of Sunday. Of course some "julekalender" episodes need to be watched as well. So much to do, almost not enough time in the day. 

Happy December 9th and happy second Sunday of Advent! 

With love, Camille