December 13th: Risengrød på loftet 

In relation to last nights post, risengrød (check it out if you haven't seen it yet), today post is a quick little adition to that. As a kid and for all of the other children of DK, with every meal of risengrød there was a very important tradition that followed very closely with it. This tradition was "risengrød på loftet". Accurately translated this means "rice porridge in the loft". Once again, we Danes aren't crazy, tradition is just very important.

This act in itself was (and still is) an incredibly crucial part of the month of December. But why? Why put the risengrød in the loft? Why not just eat it like normal people? Well, obviously because the nisser need risengrød too! Now you might be even more confused… Nisser are elves and they are a huge part of the children's Christmas.  But back to the porridge.

At my grandparents old house there was access to the loft basically right next to the kitchen. When we had made risengrød for dinner it was ritual that we climbed up the tiny, noisy stairs up to the loft in order to put the grød up there for the nisser to come and get when they come and visit that evening, when we are all sound asleep. The next day, the grød would be gone. Scrapped out of the bowl and basically licked clean, just how you would expect a little nisse to devour their risengrød. It is just such a fun cute tradition that isn’t just fun for kids but also for the "grown ups" (do we ever really grow up?).

So the next time you make risengrød, aka you should totally do it tonight, make sure to save a little bowl for your nisser friends.

Maybe we'll take the topic of nisser tomorrow? Quite essential for Christmas, of course. :)

Happy December 13th!

With love, Camille