Coffee Protein Smoothie


This has been my breakfast this entire summer and it has been brilliant! Just so delicious, refreshing, energized and full the morning through! It is an ideal breakfast after a morning workout that's hard on the body. Our bodies need proteins and if you're an avid fitness guru then you need even more proteins - both in order to see results but also for your body to build muscle. 

I'm not much of a meat eat and even though you can get lots of proteins from other foods, I found that I was still lacking proteins in my diet. Which is why I decided to start adding protein powder to my smoothies! 

After much experimentation and two months of summer to do so, I have tried a couple different variations of this smoothie. But to the right are the ingredients for a coffee smoothie I love to start my morning with! The optional apple or cherries is simply to sweeten the smoothie a bit - totally not necessary but sometimes it's nice to change up the taste a little bit! :) 





- banana (frozen or fresh - your choice)

- 1 cup coffee (can be hot just throw in some ice cubes to cool down quickly before adding to your blender)

- 1 cup ice

- 1 scoop coffee or mocha protein powder 

- 1 tablespoon nonfat greek yogurt 

- optional half apple or a handful of cherries