Welcome to the Candid Camille Christmas Calendar! Every day during the month of December up until the 24th, I will be posting a new post regarding Christmas. Much will have to do with classic Danish traditions and how my family celebrates. But as much as there will be the traditional aspects, there will also be some new traditions that have been adapted. That's one of the wonderful things about Christmas, it can be loaded with old, family traditions but new ones can also be created. Whether you stick with the oldies, but goodies, or mix it up a bit this year, Christmas is always a magical time of year. 

I love Christmas. Everything about it. I think my excitement is driven simply from the Christmas air. You know that magical air that fills the streets with cheer and joy. The lights, the smiles, the smells, the sounds, the energy, basically everything! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the month of December gets completely consumed by pure joy. 

Which is why I decided to do this little Christmas calendar! Check in every day starting December 1st through December 24th for a new post. On December 1st you will be able to click the button bellow and it will bring you to the Candid Camille Christmas Calendar! See you then! :) 

Love Cam