20 Minute Quicky Core Workout

Good morning loves! Been a little A-wall here the past couple of days, my apologize.  Since I have been slightly absent from the blog, I wanted to share something awesome with you guys. 

This "awesomeness" is my go-to 20 minute Quicky Core Workout. There are most definitely days where I just don't have the time to go to the gym or make it to a class at Yo, but even with a lack of time I still have a craving for getting my body in motion. Which is why I created this workout. 

Even on a hectic day, most people will be able to find 20 minutes to themselves. You can either wake up a little earlier and do a little workout before you hop in the shower or maybe do it right before dinner. Maybe for that night, if it's a busy day, you can plan dinner to be something easy that just needs to bake in the oven. During that time you can do this little workout that targets so many muscles, with a focus on your core, and then hop in the shower and be ready for a delicious dinner to end your day. 

For example, yesterday a "run around" kind of day and there was just not time to hit the gym and still get enough sleep to make it through a busy day. My day ended and I was finally back in my apartment at 6:45 pm, which granted isn't THAT late but when you're body is tired, your body is tired. I had just spent the past two hours playing with 20, 10 year olds so the gym wasn't exactly calling my name. So this was the ideal time to quickly pull out the yoga mat and do this awesome 20 minute workout! A perfect way to end the day! 

20 Minute Quicky Core Workout:

  • High knees (1 min.) *warm up*
  • Alternating cross body punches (1 min.)
  • High plank (1 min.)
  • Side plank (1 min. each side)
  • Low plank with butt dips (1 min.)
  • Cross body punches (1 min.)
  • Sit up w/ alternating cross body touches (1 min.)
  • Elbow to 90 degree knee sit up (30 secs. each side)
  • Heel touches (1 min.)
  • High plank with toe touches (30 secs.)
  • High plant with side, middle, side jumps (30 secs.)
  • Bridge with hip thrusts (1 min.)
  • Bridge (1 min.)
  • Bridge with hip thrusts (1 min.)
  • Cross body punches (1 min.)
  • Arm dips - weights optional (30 secs. each side)
  • Standing cross body elbow to knee (1 min. each side)
  • Knee raise with twist (do mini squat when alternating sides) (1 min.) 
  • High cross punches (1 min.)
  • Rest on one knee, lift one arm and one leg straight back (30 secs. each arm/leg) 

BONUS! For a metabolism boost for 2 to 3 minutes jumping jacks! 

That's all for now loves! Remember to really concentrate on keeping your core super tight during all of these exercises but also in general it makes your work out much more effective!