Links I Love

It's hump day! And to balance out your week, take a second to step back from all the business of life and check out some of these awesome links! I have A LOT of obsessions and things I love to set myself into, so this is a little peak into my world. There is just so much to read, see and do and I wanted to collect some of the things that I found, this week, that I thought were fun and inspirational (in some sense). I have a lot of interests and if you are a constant here on Sea Salt & Pomegranates, then you will soon come to see my wide spread lifestyle! :) 

19 Ways To Make Your Bed Work Without A Headboard 

I personally have a headboard but after looking at this collection of inspiration, I wish I didn't!


Leanne Marshall NYFW

These designs are gorgeous and word-ly descriptions won't do them justice!


Hello Glow: Soak Away Stress, PMS and Insomnia With DIY Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

Such a fun DIY, with so many wonderful benefits for that busy body of yours! 

I know this was a short one, but duty calls (studies), so that's it for now! Thanks for reading and don't forget to check back in soon!

Have a lovely rest of the day!