Top Instagrams of the Week

For my love of photography and everyones creative minds I wanted to make a little collection of my favorite instagrams of the week! Maybe I'll make it a weekly affair? :)



1. @gilliehouston 

I mean come on, that stack of pancakes speak for themselves! But @gilliehouston also pointed ou that instagram now lets you switch between accounts without logging out!! Extremely exciting news and just makes the blogging life just a tad bit easier! Thanks Instagram!

2. @floristipy

This girl is wonderful! She just speaks from the heart and tells her story, both through her fun pictures and her honest words. And how cute are these little plants?!

3. @seewantshop

@seewantshop has some amazing pictures every day but just loved how light and colorful this post was! The hope for beautiful flowers and a colorful Spring continues! And of course, just a little fun inspiration for Valentines Day. :) 

4. @talinegabriel 

Food posts are my weakness... These raw deserts are so colorful and look amazing! I am sure they were absolutely delicious! Just a little inspiration to start planning for some fun, raw, Summer deserts! 

Thanks for checking it out!