Ending The Trip

Ending the quick trip over the Atlantic with some forearm stand progress! When it comes to trying all of fun and crazy yoga poses there are (maybe even creating your own funky ones) patients is key. The first time you try some of the more difficult poses you most likely won't be able to do it or at least perfect it. Most likely not even the second, third or fourth time you do it, but thats why you practice, practice, practice and keeping working at it. There is always work to be done and ways to make anything better, not just yoga poses but in all aspects of life.

The best part of it all is when you start to see the progress and start moving and holding your body in ways that you never even imagined. There's nothing like that feeling, of accomplishing something you've worked so hard for. I have been working on this forearm stand for a decent amount of time now and have done a lot to strengthen my core and upper body to be able to get this far. Specifically doing push ups, practicing handstands and vinyasa flow yoga have been a big part in strengthening both core, arms and upper body. Along with this Zumba has had a major impact on my core and I have seen how adding that to my fitness routine has made a difference. But, I plan to keep up with the progress and continue to listen to and strengthen my body everyday. 

Goodnight from Denmark and see you tomorrow Connecticut.