New York City

New York City June 17, 2015

A city filled with lights, honking horns, busy streets and fascinating people. 

This past Wednesday my mum and I took a quick trip into New York City for the day. Had an early wake up call at 5 am to catch the first train that heads out of our little town and into the big city. It was quite early and we definitely needed some coffee when we arrived, so we headed straight over to our favorite cafe. Luckily there's a bundle of them spread throughout the city, which makes it super easy to bump into one. This is a personal favorite of mine because it's an organic restaurant/cafe that bakes all of their own goods and even make their own jam. We only had morning coffee during this visit but we have occasionally gone for breakfast or brunch with the family and indulge in the most wonderful array of options. There are so many healthy and fun options that there is really something for everyone. It probably shouldn't be eaten everyday because it's healthy but not that healthy :). Highly recommend the quinoa spelt scone, 1,000% my favorite treat! Would love to try and recreate them at home. 

After our little coffee stop we wandered over to Chelsea Market and were welcomed by a beautiful flower stand. Chelsea Market is filled with shops, food and excitement. It is always such an experience to go because of the fun, unique shops, whether they are filled with tea and spices or products from around the world. I personally took an interest in the tea and spices shop/stand because of the extraordinary colors, having an obsession with tea probably had something to do with the attraction as well :). I don't think I've ever seen so many spices or teas all together in one spot. The men and women who worked there had these long sticks with a scoop at the end, which was the only way they would be able to reach all of the different spices and teas that they had on display for everyone to see. The display was beautiful and it clearly attracted the attention of a lot of people. 

We ended our wandering through Chelsea Market by venturing into some of the smaller shops at one of the ends of the market place. On the left side (if you are coming from the Anthropologie entrance), right after the string lights, there is a collection of five or six little indent shops and on the right side there is a grocery store and fish market. In these little indents there were either single shops or a little passageway to more little shops/stands that were all collected together. These are the really unique shops because you can find the most fascinating and random little items here. Specifically you can find a lot of products, such as teas, candy, food, books, herbs, spices, etc., from around the world. My mum and I wandered through these parts for what felt like forever because there were just so many little nicknacks that needed to be looked at. There is so much to be explored and so much to be eaten at Chelsea Market. I definitely recommend coming here if you find yourself in the city and if you decide to stay for lunch, as many do because of the immense array of options, I strong recommend The Green Table (even though we didn't eat lunch there this time around). It is a farm to table restaurant and it is absolutely amazing and tasty! 

We then ventured on to the Flatiron District, specifically for Eataly. Eataly is a large Italian Marketplace right in the middle of New York City. It is filled with restaurants, food markets, beverages and more. It's really like a gigantic Italian mall. It is comprised of three restaurants, fish, pasta and vegetarian, along with this there is a meat station, panini station, cafe, gelato and so much more. There are fruit and veggie stands. There is a cook book section filled with nothing but delicious cooking and baking books. Next to the cook book section there is a glass window where you can watch as the cooks from Eataly create fresh, handmade pastas. It really is a fascinating place, there is nothing like it. It really is an experience to just walk through. Mum and I decided to have lunch at the vegetarian restaurant, Le Verdure. It was practically impossible to decide on what to eat because the menu was filled with so many delicious and drool worthy options. Along with the menu they also offered their daily specials which hangs on the wall for everyone to see. I decided to pick a special, because who knows when you'll be able to try it again. I indulged in Formaggio del giorno, Bufala mozzarella, grilled romaine, basil, fresh apricots, aged balsamic and rustico. My taste buds exploded. It was beyond delicious, if food could sweep you off your feet this lunch did. The atmosphere of the entire place, though, really makes it as amazing as it is. People are buzzing around, coming and going, both locals and tourists (but I'm sure it's a lot more tourists than locals). It's an extremely unique place and I strongly suggest checking it out and experiencing the buzz. 

The last big event of the day was heading over to The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Currently, there is an Andy Warhol exhibition that really tells the story of his path to becoming such a famous artist, through his artwork. The big attraction of it was that all of the Campbell Soup Can artworks, they were all displayed together and in the same order they were when they were first displayed years ago. The cans are organized by the order in which each new flavor came out. I've always had an interest in Andy Warhol because of his "crazy" personality and unique artwork that was so bold and adventurous. I did a lot of research about the Pop Art time period in high school and it really was an interesting time for art. Warhol was so successful because he started his unique artwork during a time that coincided with this concept perfectly. He created a type of art, with both the Campbell Soup Cans and Marilyn Monroe artworks, that everyone could appreciate. I had never seen all of the soup cans combined together before, so this was definitely an experience. 

There really is nothing like New York. It is so unique and filled with life, constant movement, not a quiet moment, high energy and so many faces. The best part about New York is just walking through its streets and people watching. You can learn so much from being aware of your surroundings and the people in them, so its important to stop sometimes and pay attention. 

Grand Central

Grand Central