Spring Break

Apologies for the lack of new stuff on the blog, but it's been a busy two weeks. With the week leading up to spring break (aka loaded with work) and the spring break itself.

I am back at the university after a wonderful week in Florida, spent with both family and friends. Seeing as I was in a wonderfully warm climate I was very disconnected from my electronics, as it should be when you're at the beach ;). Getting some color and getting away from the cold did wonders for me and my mental state. It goes to show how important it is to get breaks, clear your head and really just relax. Clearly there was some excitement going on with all the jumping you can see in these two pics above, but thats not all the movement we managed to get in. Staying active, especially on a beach vaca, is incredibly important to keep up with your routine but also do you can feel great. Even more so, since you've been working so hard, then it's okay to indulge in that ice cream or side of fries you've been fighting off!