Top 20 Fun Activities For Fall

Fall in love with Fall with these super fun activities!

Do them with your friends, with your family, with your grandparents, with your aunts, uncles, cousins, with your pets, with your school, with your study group, with absolutely anyone you please! :)

  1. Apple picking (of course)
  2. Apple eating 
  3. Apple cider drinking 
  4. Apple cider DONUT eating (this is a must!) 
  5. Pumpkin picking
  6. Corn mazing 
  7. Carving your pumpkin
  8. Costume making (or picking) 
  9. Halloween decorating 
  10. Collecting all the fallen leaves on your lawn 
  11. Jumping into the pile of collected leaves 
  12. Make delicious roasted pumpkin seeds (from your carved pumpkin leftovers)
  13. Soups. Making warm, comforting, delicious soups to warm you up from the inside out
  14. Go on a walk and take beautiful pictures of the Fall colored leaves 
  15. Watch your favorite scary movie 
  16. Watch your favorite Disney halloween movie
  17. Haunted Hayride or an Un-Haunted Hayride
  18. Or a Haunted House maybe
  19. Watch Football 
  20. And my personal favorite, snuggle up with a nice, warm cup of hot coco (a think about Christmas only being 2 months away!!!!!) 

These are some of my favorite activities for when the air gets cooler and the leaves begin to fall to the ground. Now, some of these are very Westernized (corn maze, pumpkin carving, hayrides, etc.) so I would love to hear what you all, people from around the World, do during this time of year. Comment below if you're interested in sharing! :) 

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Xo Sea Salt & Poms