New York City 2.0 - October 2015

Through pumpkin invasions and spooky window displays, the hustle and bustle continues in the city  that never sleeps

For mom and I's latest trip to New York City we did both some of our usual activities but we also did a couple of new things. Now that I think about it… we did maybe 1 thing different from our usual NYC day trips. I'm getting ahead of myself now, though, so I'll start from the beginning.

The alarm clock went off at 6:15… bright and early, trust me, I know. Which started our 12 hour trip to this fascinating city at such a beautiful time of year. After a long 3 hours of driving during rush hour traffic, we finally made it. And if you read my last New York post you might be able to make a guess about the first thing we did once we arrived. We obviously went straight to Le Pain Quotidian to get our quinoa scones and AMAZING coffee! As always Le Pain was popping with business, which is usually great and cozy yatta yatta, but this time around it was incredibly unfortunate for us. They only had ONE QUINOA SCONE LEFT! HOW ON A THURSDAY MORNING AT 10:30 DO YOU RUN OUT OF QUINOA SCONES?!?!?! This is my urgent question to you, Le Pain.

If this doesn't express my mum and I's obsession and love for these amazing pastries, I really don’t know what will. Nevertheless we had an amazing midmorning coffee with a shared last scone and some of Le Pain's delicious bread. Accompanied by the best cappuccinos in the city,  we had a great start to our day of adventure.

After this we started our stroll over to Central Park. While on our way we pasted the little outdoor book store, or book shack might be the more appropriate term. Filled with all sorts of books, pencil cases, bags, notebooks, all the book store goodies but outside on the side of the street! Like how cool is that? I always get so inspired and happy when I'm in a big store (slightly nerdy and proud) so passing this little shack was so fun. Books have the ability to bring you into a completely different, new world. Who wouldn't want to experience that everyday?


I've never seen Central Park in the Fall so it was on our short list for things to do. And am I glad we decided to do it. It was so beautiful with the trees starting to change colors, combined with a clear blue sky and warm sunshine. The park was filled with the usual mix of interesting New Yorkers. There were the runners, the mom walkers, the dog walkers, the couples (both young and senior) the homeless, the musicians, the artists  and to top it all off we saw a dog do a handstand. Yes, I repeat, a dog on its front legs walking in Central Park, with just a word of command from her owner. I have never seen anything like that in my life and everyone around simply stopped in their tracks.

As you may or may not know, there is the beautiful Imagine mosaic right in Central Park; and you'll know when you're getting close because of the flock of people all heading and coming from the same direction. This beautiful place is also known as Strawberry Fields, I mean could you think of a more appropriate name? Strawberry Fields, of course, pays tribute to the late John Lennon. Known as a magnificent singer, songwriter, musician, peace activist and of course one of the Beatles. Now, personally, I think it would be a fair assumption that most individuals, if not all, have heard or are at least familiar with the Beatles. And if you haven't, please take a pause from reading this to go on YouTube right now and search "Hey Jude", "Here Come the Sun" or my personal favorite "All You Need Is Love". You'll be singing along in no time.

It was my moms idea to go to the Imagine mosaic, seeing as we had only ever seen pictures and never seen it in person; and it was a great and interesting experience. It's a beautiful and thoughtful memory of such an iconic and wonderful human being, and it is most definitely worth seeing if you find yourself in the city.

At this point it was 2 o'clock, our Le Pain carb fest had worn off and we were ready for New York food round two for the day. With our minds set on food and fun we decided to head to another one of our favorite spots, which yes we went to during our last trip as well. We couldn't help ourselves and decided to stick to what we love… Chelsea Market (well be adventurous next time, I promise). Chelsea Market is such a blast. Always overflowing with people, which can be slightly irritating at times but in a way it adds to the charm rather than impose negative aspects to the place.

We had lunch at this amazing Farm to Table restaurant right in the center of the market. Which in all fairness, it is quite difficult to choose where to eat because there are endless options (at least it feels that way), there's something for everyone. But, if you're looking for some delicious and healthy food I would definitely recommend The Cleave Co. Mom had this savory grilled cheese with their daily harvest salad aka nom, but just you wait it gets even better. I had a vegetarian mushroom and veggie whole wheat crust pot pie… I know, I know, amazing. Well at least amazing for those of you who love all the comfort foods of life but don't eat it because of all the terrible ingredients for your body. Well ladies and gentlemen here's one delicious example of how your childhood favorite comfort foods can be transformed with healthier ingredients. And no I'm not implying that eating this pot pie is as healthy as some salad but come one, you don’t go to New York City, with some of the most amazing food and then order a salad at an awesome restaurant like Cleaver Co. It was definitely inspiration to create more healthy alternative recipes, especially with the cold long nights drawing closer.

Believe it or not but this is a different picture from the one in my last post... same old same old :)

Believe it or not but this is a different picture from the one in my last post... same old same old :)

By the time we finished our lunch we realized that our time in the city was quickly coming to an end. With only a few short hours left we decided to finish our trip by taking a peek at the little shops Chelsea Market has to offer. At the far end (opposite side of the Anthropologie entrance) there is this giant hall that is filled with artists, designers and different NYC crafts. It's a really cool place to see some awesome artwork, along with beautiful jewelry, fun phone cases, t-shirts, ties, wood sunglasses, all sorts of things. It's just interesting to look around at everyone's creations.

If you are a wanderer and all you do is day dream about traveling then you must walk though the little shop/stations alongside the wall opposite the little market. There are just endless amounts of imported goods from all over the world. And no, it's not the same as visiting each destination yourself but it can give you a taste of all the wonderful places our plant has to offer. Maybe even give inspiration as to where you want to travel one day. Just another little fun thing to check out, other than the super awesome tea and spice spot I mentioned in my last post!

Sadly that was our last activity for this New York City day trip. We grabbed some salads from Hale and Hearty Soups (which were so tasty by the way) for our drive home and then we attempted to get out of the city during rush hour, once again… It's took an hour just to get out of central New York… Utter craziness! Nevertheless it was another amazing trip and I am already looking forward to planning our next one (which, yes, will definitely include Le Pain) Time just flew by way to quickly but as "they" say, "time flies when you're having fun" :). Cheesy, I know.

Thanks for reading! Remember that I love all feedback and to hear from you guys, so please don't hesitate!

Happy Fall! 

Xoxo Sea Salt & Poms