The New Year

It's 2015. Just let that set in for a second. Everyone is compiling list of New Years resolutions for the next 364 days. Whether it's to simply be happy, live a healthier life, give up something, pick up something or forget about that 2014 relationship. It's the start of a brand new year; a fresh start if that's what you desire. It's finally the time to really set goals for next year and strive for them. Whether your 2014 was filled with happiness, sadness, anger, stress, excitement or a crazy roller coaster mix of them all; make sure to remember it. Many people say to just forget about the small stuff and leave all the mistakes and bad days behind, but I don't personally believe that. Every aspect of our lives is an opportunity to at least learn if nothing else. Every mistake, every memory, every adventure is what makes us who we are. And our individualism is what makes the world go round; and more importantly it's why every person we ever collide with or even just pass by is unique in their own special way. 

2014 was... well a hell of a roller coaster and it wasn't always going up. But reflecting on it now, I finally realize that that's okay. 

Everything happens for a reason. That's my motto for the year of 2015 (very cliche I know, sorry). I'm going to wake up everyday with a smile on my face and a kick in my step not matter what the circumstances. Because why go through life with a grey cloud hanging over your head.