Berry Breakfast Trick 

This morning, I went to my first Barre class in about 2 and half months... It's fair to say that it was on the tough side this morning. As tough as it is though, no feeling compares to when you are finished - you just feel completely renewed! When I got home I was starving and very ready to eat some breakfast! This week has been a little off with just getting everything back to normal so the fridge has been a little bit depressing. So this morning I basically had eggs, some veggies and skyr (Icelandic yogurt) in the fridge. Deciding that the eggs and veggies would be for lunch I went for the yogurt. Now I, for some terrible reason, have no fresh fruit in the fridge and plain yogurt isn't exactly the most exciting breakfast option, especially when you're hungry. But, I had accepted that I would just be having an incredibly boring breakfast when I remember having frozen fruit in the freezer! 

Now frozen fruit isn't only perfect for smoothies. It can also be perfect for sprucing up your boring old plain yogurt. No I don't just throw frozen berries on my yogurt... Even though you totally can if that's what your feeling. Instead I warm them up on my non-stick pan. With having the non-stick pan I don't need to use any oils, I simply throw the berries on and warm them until they get all juicy. Yes, "juicy". Doing this brings out a bunch of the flavours that have been preserved by being frozen and it is a perfect way to amp up your breakfast! 

You can use this for any kind of breakfast! Get creative! It's also a really handy tip now that we are moving into the cold winter season where fresh fruit (especially berries) become impossible to find. Thank goodness for frozen fruit!! :) 

Xo Cam