Who I am 

I'm just a 22 year old danish kiwi trying to make my mark on the world. Making my mark on the world, by sharing my life with all of you both as a twenty-something year old and as a Health Coach. You can read all about what I do as a Health Coach, what it's all about and what it can mean for you, under Candid Health (within the Get Healthy tab)!

Yes, being 22 and trying to manage Uni (I Marketing and Management Communications at Aarhus University), relationships, friendships, family, internships, work and all the other curve balls in life, while staying healthy and zen all at the same time can be difficult at times. But just because it's hard doesn't mean it's impossible. That's why I created Candid Camille. I have a passion for health, travel, happiness and living life to the fullest; so I wanted to share my perspective with the world. 

This blog is simply me sharing my personal life experiences. It's a documentation of learning more about my health, what foods to fuel my body with, staying active, but also more personal things that go on in my daily and not so daily life. I simply want to be as candid as possible *wink wink*. 

I am a very open person, I love to try new things and that has a lot to do with me changing constantly. There are some aspects of my life that are very grounded but then there are other things, such as foods or workouts, that are very airy and can change in a matter of days. This is something you will most likely notice very quickly if you follow along on this little adventure that is life. :)